Price List

All prices are in Australian Dollars ex TNS Connect warehouses and do not include any taxes. Prices are effective as of the date mentioned on the Price List. Prices listed are subject to change without notice between the effective date of the published (web based or printed) Price List or the date of order and the date of delivery.

Selling Price

The Selling Price shall mean and include: (a) Where a written quotation has been provided, the Price specified in the written quotation, valid for a period of seven (7) days unless otherwise specified in the written quotation: (b) Where a written quotation has not been provided, TNS Connect ruling prices current at the date of dispatch of the Goods.

Taxes, duties and levies

Unless an appropriate purchase order or exemption form is received by TNS Connect, Buyer shall pay to TNS Connect, and in addition to the Selling Price, any sales or other applicable taxes or charges which may be established or levied from time to time by any Government Authority (Domestic or Foreign) upon the merchandise sold hereunder or any part thereto, in so far as the same may be applicable to the merchandise sold hereunder or the manufacture, use, sale or delivery thereof.


Notwithstanding that delivery of the Goods has been made, TNS Connect shall retain Title thereto, until full payment of all monies outstanding.


TNS Connect shall make available to the Buyer the benefit of any warranty received by TNS Connect in relation to the Goods but subject thereto except to the extent provided by statute TNS Connect shall not be liable for any loss, consequential loss, or damage suffered by or occasioned to the Buyer whatsoever, whether the loss or damage is in any way attributable to a failure of or delay in delivery, the failure or malfunctioning of any item of Goods supplied to the Buyer, or any defect in the design or specifications of the Goods. Any liability which may not be excluded by the provisions of this clause shall be limited to an obligation — at TNS Connect option — to replace or repair the Goods or to supply equivalent Goods, or refund the purchase price paid for the goods.


Products specifically procured against a customer purchase order will not be accepted for return under any conditions.


When you place an order you have a choice of the following:

  1. Freight for larger orders will be charged on a weight/volume basis. We have obtained very competitive freight rates due to the size of our shipments. Rates are available on request.
  2. You are welcome to use your own courier company. Simply include the name of your freight company and your account number on your purchase order.

Delivery Terms

  1. All transactions are FOB, Ex-TNS Connect Head Office Warehouse.
  2. Claims for shortages, damages and invoice discrepancies must be made 'in writing' within 24 hours of delivery/receipt of goods. Please email orders@TNS Distribution.com.au
  3. All deliveries must be signed for, so proof of delivery can be obtained. TNS Connect takes NO responsibility for goods delivered/signed for by other parties/locations.
  4. Legal and equitable title in all goods and all materials supplied by TNS Connect does not pass to the client until all moneys owing by the Client have been paid.
  5. Delivery will not be made to any PO box, a physical work or residential address needs to be provided.

Placing Orders

Please ensure that that each order specifies:

  1. Company Details including ABN
  2. Billing Address
  3. Physical Delivery Address. Note: delivery will not be made to any PO box, a physical work or residential address needs to be provided.
  4. Purchase Order number
  5. Preferred freight method (either TNS CONNECT provide the courier or you organise your courier to pick up)
  6. Product Code, Quantity, and Dealer Price
  7. Part Shipment or One Consigment Note: All orders will be part shipped unless advised in writing on your purchase order)
  8. Provide Payment details

Corrections to, or Cancelling Orders

Orders once placed cannot be cancelled except at the sole discretion of TNS Connect. 
To Correct or Cancel an order, please contact our TNS Connect office at once and also provide the following information in an email:

You must resubmit your original order and specifies clearly:

(a) What Changes are on your order


(b) Cancel this Order

(Note: Corrected or Cancelled orders that have already been shipped are subject to TNS Connect Returns Policy below)


Payment Terms

  1. For existing clients that do not have a trading account with TNS Connect, all orders must be paid by cleared funds before we will ship the goods. 
  2. Clients that have traded with TNS Connect for a minimum of 3 months and have spent a minimum of $2,000 per month, are eligible to apply for Credit facilities.
  3. Credit facilities are available to clients who have had their application for credit approved. Please contact your account manager for an application form.
  4. TNS Connect reserves the right to review the credit terms when deemed necessary.
  5. Legal and equitable title in all goods and all materials supplied by TNS Connect does not pass to the client until all moneys owing by the Client have been paid.
  6. Please note that we accept all major credit cards except for American Express and Diners Club. A 5% surcharge on credit card payments will apply on all orders under $100. In addition to Direct Bank Deposit or Cheque payment, TNS Connect also accepts Account payments via MasterCard or Visa only. However, if payment is made via MasterCard or Visa a surcharge of 2.5% will be applied to the total Account payment made.
  7. In addition to Credit Card or Cheque payment, TNS Connect also accepts EFT payments. Our Direct Bank Deposit details are:-
    BSB: 082 330
    ACCOUNT: 119742888
    Please Note: It is important that a copy of the deposit slip is emailed or faxed immediately to enable prompt dispatch of goods.

Returned for warranty (RMA)

  1. Return of goods to TNS Connect will denote acceptance of Terms and Conditions.
  2. Return Authorisation numbers will only be issued over the phone, by a TNS CONNECT technician. Issued RMA's are valid for seven (7) days from date of issue.
  3. All goods returned to TNS Connect must clearly display a Warranty Return Authorisation Number (RMA) on the outside of the packaging in which the Product is being returned. NOTE: Goods delivered to TNS Connect without an RMA number will not be accepted by our warehouse.
  4. The cost of returning goods to TNS Connect under warranty is the sender's responsibility.
  5. Goods should be properly packaged for return, as goods damaged in transit will void warranty.
  6. Goods returned for warranty will be repaired or replaced at TNS Connect discretion. (Note: End User Damage IS NOT covered under Warranty)
  7. Whilst TNS Connect will endeavour to return warranted goods to sender as quickly as possible, temporary replacement items will not be supplied.
  8. A copy of original customer invoice must also accompany warranty returns.
  9. All products carry a 12-month warranty period from date of invoice except as otherwise indicated or advertised.
  10. Goods returned, with No Fault Found will be charged Return Freight and a service fee / handling cost of $75.00 + 10% GST per item.

Conditions of Supply

  1. Payment terms are full balance of previous month’s account by the 15th of the following month unless stated different in your contract.
  2. The Client agrees to pay the account on TNS Connect published terms and conditions.
  3. The Client indemnifies TNS Connect against any loss incurred due to change of ownership or address, unless written advice is received prior to delivery.
  4. The Client hereby acknowledges that, should any amount not be paid by the due date, or any payment by cheque be unpaid,the entire balance then outstanding shall immediately become due and payable, without any notice of whatsoever nature.The Client agrees that an interest / service charge of 12.5% per annum equivalent on outstanding balances may be charged to the customers account at the discretion of the company.
  5. Title of goods sold does not pass to the Client until full payment is received by TNS Connect .
  6. The Client hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the Laws of New South Wales for all actions which may be instituted against it for the recovery thereafter to interest and finally capital.
  7. No relaxation of indulgence granted by TNS Connect to the Client shall be deemed as a waiver of any rights of TNS Connect in terms of this agreement.
  8. The signatory/ies hereby binds himself/ themselves jointly and severally as surety and co-principal/debtors in with the Client unto and in favour of TNS Connect its order or assigns, for payment of any amount which is now due or owing by the Client to TNS Connect.
  9. Product supplied by TNS Connect to the Client will be at the Client’s risk upon delivery to the Client or into the Client’s custody ( whichever is sooner) and the Client must insure the product thereafter against such risks as TNS Connect reasonably requires.
  10. Until such time as the product has been paid for in full and all other debts discharged by the Client, the Client must store the product in such a manner as to show clearly that it is the property of TNS Connect.
  11. TNS Connect shall not be responsible for any loss or damage howsoever caused to the property or person of the Client or any third party as a result of any defect in the product whether patent or latent, and the Client indemnifies TNS Connect against any claims made against it by any third party arising out of any such defects. 
  12. The goods are subject to PPS registration undertaken by TNS Connect.

Applying for a reseller account

  1. By applying for a reseller account and agreeing to our term and conditions, you are requesting to be issued an on-line Purchasing Authorisation Code (password).
  2. By using the Authorisation code you are agreeing that TNS Connect can process all on-line orders for your company containing the authorisation code in the field provided.
  3. All orders processed with this code will be billed to your company's account according to the standard trading terms and agreement of terms conditions as stated in your account. 

To obtain your personalised user ID and login password, and to register your Company information with TNS Distribution, please complete the following form.

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